Our Stance on Racial Justice

The entire team at Open Concept Hospitality is deeply saddened and heartbroken by the senseless violence and injustices that continue to befall the Black community. We are unified in our belief that acts of racism and police brutality are inexcusable, and have no place in our society.
We acknowledge that if we do not actively contribute to change, we are part of the silence that promotes this perpetual violence and systemic racism.

Although we have stayed quiet far too long, it was very important for us to put actions ahead of our words. Black lives matter. We stand with our friends, family, staff, and communities of colour. We have a responsibility to our Black employees, guests, and the hospitality community to combat discrimination and hold ourselves accountable when we fall short.

Open Concept Hospitality is committed to putting our words into action by examining how we can use our platform to support the Black community. We have used this time to reflect on how we can continue to evolve and make our company a place where all team members, especially people of colour, not only feel safe and supported, but can thrive.

We are committed to affecting meaningful change. We are prepared for this important challenge. We are listening closely to those with lived experience. We pledge to acknowledge, honour, and amplify the voices of the Black community and other victims of systemic prejudice in our company, and society as a whole. We will be transparent, accountable, and active as we continue to establish and enforce anti-racism practices.

To those who continue to stand up against racial injustice:
We see and hear you.
We support you.
We stand with you.

Please visit the Equitable Initiatives page to learn more about how Open Concept Hospitality is taking action to make our workplace and communities better places to be.
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